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One of the most versatile and multicultural DJs in South Africa today, DJ Milkshake’s musical expertise has seen him ride a wave of stardom as his popularity continues to grow.
5FM’s decision to give Milkshake his own Hip Hop show in 2010 seemed a natural progression for the dynamic DJ. Milkshake’s The Shakedown on Friday nights has enjoyed immense success with 5FM’s listeners so when the line-up changes took effect this year, the station happily added on another night to party with Shake.
The Shakedown has attracted a younger audience following out of the greater 5FM demographic. This is largely attributed to Milkshake’s legendary ‘mash-ups’ which take classic songs from a variety of different genres to a new level with fresh and exciting remixes. Milkshake is widely acknowledged in South Africa as being part of the cream of the crop of local Hip Hop DJs.
Milkshake’s music speaks to people from all walks of life – from Sandton to Soweto. He takes music-mixing extremely seriously and always has the most up to date software and computer technology at hand to ensure his mixes are seamless.  Milkshake’s marriage of technology and passion for music has kept him at the top of a fiercely competitive profession and he is sure to be entertaining youthful South Africans for many years to come.
When he is not making music and playing at gigs around the country, Milkshake is keen in nutrition, fitness and sport.



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